Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom

Lab Visit Requirements

What does the FARM Science Lab provide?

  • Next Generation Science Standards aligned lessons for grades K-5, developed by a certified teacher which exemplify the value of agriculture in our daily lives.
  • Hands-on science experience integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • Agriculture-related extension materials for each classroom
  • Climate-controlled, handicap accessible mobile lab
  • Up to five 50-minute classes per day
  • 10 work stations (3 students per station)

What do schools need to provide?

  • Electrical hookup within 75 feet of trailer placement or a generator will be provided by the FARM Science Lab for an additional fee
  • Secure, level, paved parking space (10 feet by 50 feet)
  • Teachers and administrators are required to review online orientation materials prior to our visit.
  • A classroom teacher or content specialist must be present during all FARM Science Lab lessons.
  • One adult volunteer to help all day, each day of the lab's visit
  • Schools are encouraged to seek community sponsorship of the lab's visit. These local groups may help fund your FARM Science Lab visit:
    • County Farm Bureaus or other agricultural businesses
    • Local Farm Bureau Insurance agency
    • Community organizations or foundations with grants
    • PTA or PTO